Southwark Multi-Faith Forum statement on the Manchester attack

We, the Southwark Multi-Faith Forum, are united in our horror and sorrow at the appalling attacks that took place in Manchester this week. Our hearts go out to all the victims, to their families, and all those affected, and we stand in solidarity with them in the days ahead. Their loss is our loss, and they do not grieve alone.

 Whilst the targeting of innocent children and families at a pop concert showed us the very worst of humanity, the actions of so many others on that night and in the days that followed have shown us all the very best of humanity. We pay tribute to the heroism and compassion of the concert-goers, passers-by, and emergency services who sought to help and comfort those in need.

 In recent days we have been inspired by the kindness and strength of the people of Manchester – a great and proud city – as they have come together to support one another. Their message of unity in the face of division, and of love in the face of hatred, has shone brightly through the darkness. It is a reminder to us all that the decency and unity of our communities will always triumph.

Please visit Faith Network 4 Manchester to see how faiths are working together