London Prayer Loop

London Prayer Loop

Transform Southwark are really pleased to support London Prayer Loop and would encourage as many churches in the borough as possible to get involved on 16th June 2018.

Further details can be found on the Neighbourhood Prayer Network website

The following article is taken from their prayer letter about the event;

Whatever happens in London, affects everyone of us and I truly believe that when we see London in revival, the whole of the UK will follow.  The gap between rich and poor in London could not be more stark with housing prices keeping many ordinary families from owning their own homes and with the cost of living being so high.  Whatever gaps between rich and poor exist across the UK, this can be felt more keenly on the streets of London.  The gap in income between people living in London and those outside of London is also growing!   London Prayer Loop is a small step of faith in obedience to God…please join us if God has laid this assignment on your heart.
If like me, you are not from London, I implore you to consider joining us on what we believe will be a very significant day, where we will be calling for an end to the violence in London and asking God to move powerfully both in London and the whole of the UK.
In a time of prayer at the start of the year, we intended to keep this project low key, to a handful of people as we work towards a much larger version of the same project over the coming years.

The knife crime, violence and murders across the capital has meant that there seems to be an urgency to pray for London, now, whatever happens in the future.  Lisa Hutt, our church liaison co-ordinator has been doing a fantastic job of co-ordinating this project and has been connecting with many people.

Our aim on the 16th June, a few short days away, is to see each of the 24 sections of the London Loop covered in prayer, with at least two people per section.  We intend to meet up at Nelson’s column at 3pm the same afternoon, for those who would like to meet others.  Right now we have some sections with a lot of people and other sections with one person  or no one walking.  We have been careful to let people choose walks of significance to individuals and groups, rather than imposing routes on people.

Here are a list of the sections we need some people to prayer-walk.  Please email if you would like to join us on this day.  Let us please get each section covered so that the outskirts of London are covered in prayer!

Sections that require 2 prayer walkers

Section 2 – Bexley High Street (Tan Yard Lane) to Jubilee Country Park – 7 miles
Section 3 – Jubilee Country Park to Gates Green Road, Wickham Common – 9 miles
Section 4 – Gates Green Road, West Wickham Common to Hamsey Green – 10 miles
Section 5 – Hamsey Green to Coulsdon South Station – 6 miles
Section 8 – Ewell to Kingston Bridge – 7.3 miles
Section 10 – Hatton Cross to Hayes & Harlington – 3.5 miles
Section 11 – Hayes & Harlington to Uxbridge – 7.5 miles
Section 12 – Uxbridge to Harefield West – 4.5 miles
Section 14 – Moor Park to Hatch End – 3.8 miles
Section 17 – Cockfosters to Enfield Lock – 4 miles
Sections that require 1 additional walker
Section 6 – Coulsdon South Station to Banstead – 4.5 miles
Section 13 – Harefield West to Moor Park – 5 miles
This week we are focusing our prayers on the South of London, please see the prayer guide for each day at the end of this newsletter, as we prepare for the 16th June.  We declare today, a blessing over South London and all the people who live there, in every street and in every home! It would be amazing not to have any gaps as we aim to have a circumference around London of 150 miles covered in prayer!
Prayers for those on low income


Father, our hearts break for those who are struggling to pay electricity, gas, food and housing costs.  Father bring people alongside them who can offer encouragement, friendship and support. Stir people’s hearts to be generous towards those most in need.  Give strength to parents juggling long hours with the responsibilities of being a parent.  Bring peace where there are arguments about money and sleep where money worries are keeping people from sleeping.  Lord, help me to be thankful for all that I have, whether it is a lot, very little or somewhere in between.  Bring debt relief and advice to those in serious trouble and Lord, give each family in our neighbourhood, their daily bread.

Forgive me if my attitude towards others on higher or lower incomes than myself has not been right.  Help me be a wise steward of the money I have and use it in the way You lead.  Open my eyes Lord, to a family You would like me to help this week.